Delicious syrup waffles gluten-free and lactose-free, artisanal baked!

About us

Ambachtelijke bereiding van stroopwafels bij Stroopwafel Uniek.

Stroopwafel Uniek produces fair products for the Dutch and international market and often supplies retailers, but also directly to consumers. The company produces traditional, artisanal syrup waffles. The syrup waffles are produced by a family business.

Thanks to the self-developed recipe of Stroopwafel Uniek, the biscuit has a unique taste and Stroopwafel Uniek distinguishes itself from other (gluten-free and lactose-free) syrup waffle producers. The waffles are solid in structure and crumble less quickly than other gluten-free syrup waffles. The syrup itself is not tough but remains smooth.

The syrup waffles are packed in a sealed, plastic, lockable and reusable box. This keeps the waffles longer fresh and they are better protected against crumbling. The syrup waffles are gluten-free and lactose-free but are also delicious for people who are allowed to eat gluten and lactose.

We are of course certified “Gluten-free" and therefore you can enjoy our delicious product without any worries. We are audited annually and of course we also comply with HACCP regulations and the “gluten-free" standard.

We are regularly on annual markets of the Dutch Celiac Association (NCV) to introduce users to Stroopwafel Uniek’s syrup waffles, which we bake and sell on the spot. Just try to walk past without tasting!

What we like best is baking cookies for you, people with celiac disease and / or a lactose intolerance, so that you can enjoy as much as we do. We want to do this with attention and respect for our environment, through a sustainable, artisanal method and the use of natural ingredients.