Delicious syrup waffles gluten-free and lactose-free, artisanal baked!


Traditional preparation of syrup waffles at Stroopwafel Uniek.

The start of our own company:

Our family always eat gluten- and lactose-free, because three family members have celiac disease. Especially the children were often disappointed that they could not eat their favorite treat, the syrup waffles. They did not like the gluten-free syrup waffles that were already on the market. Mandy came up with the idea to make them a gluten- and lactose-free syrup waffle herself. Eventually she developed the recipe for the current syrup waffle. A syrup waffle that doesn’t crumble and has a unique taste.
She would like to share these unique syrup waffles with fellow sufferers. You can now also enjoy a delicious syrup waffle that is both gluten-free and lactose-free: Stroopwafel Uniek.

We believe it is important not to lose sight of artisanal baking in the future. While a challenge, we find it of great importance that we conduct a socially responsible and sustainable business.