Delicious syrup waffles gluten-free and lactose-free, artisanal baked!

Corporate Social Responsibility

We intend to give people with a distance to the labor market a job in, among other things, the baking and packaging of our syrup waffles. Through our experience and expertise, we see opportunities to help people (and / or students with special educational needs) with a distance to the labor market to gain access to a trainee post and in the future a job.
Niels has been working with this target group for a long time: people who are intelligent enough to work but who, for other reasons, have difficulty participating in society and the working process. People with, for example, anxiety disorders or a hypersensitivity to stimuli. People who need a lot of structure or a quieter pace and environment. People who can get back to work after a long time, but are not yet up to the pressure of a large commercial company and want to start in a friendly environment. These are all people who also deserve a chance.
Our experience shows that this group often cannot meet the requirements set in the labor process. We see opportunities for the target group at “Stroopwafel Uniek B.V.". We are able to guide the target group at their own level with regard to employee skills and competences.

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